Safety Protocols

We ask that all customers practice polite behavior and amicable social conduct while onsite. Respecting the rights of individuals includes refraining from abusive language, threats, violent outbursts, intimidation, bullying, harassment or other abusive, aggressive or disruptive behaviors against AquaTech customers, and employees. AquaTech employees are trained and employed to uphold AquaTech’s policies, procedures and processes. If a situation occurs that does not align with our policy, a termination of services may be issued.

PRE-SCREEN FOR ILLNESS: Parents are responsible for monitoring their own and their children's health and should absolutely refrain from bringing themselves or their sick children into the facility. Makeup tokens are issued for absences reported on time. The REPORT AN ABSENCE form should be used by no later than 8:00 AM PST the day of the scheduled lesson/reservation to report an absence and receive a makeup token. 



NEGATIVE PRESSURE "INFLOW" SYSTEMS: AquaTech uses air systems that hospitals utilize for Infectious Patient Isolation. Inflow is a tried-and-true, proven isolation technique for which the goal is to ensure that any breach in the containment barrier will cause ‘clean’ air from surrounding spaces to flow in, as opposed to allowing ‘dirty’ air from the contaminated area to escape. In accordance with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Guidelines, this method has been used for decades by environmental remediation companies for effective containment and control of hazardous indoor air contaminants.


ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT (UV) LAMP AIR SCRUBBER SOLUTION: In addition to managing negative airflow we now added 11 UV lamps to our air duct systems. This will remove or destroy up to 99% of all surface and airborne contaminants. Protects people from dangerous contaminants and pollutants.




ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT (UV) SURFACE CLEANING WANDS:  AquaTech uses the UV light wand to clean commonly used surfaces with 100% ozone free and chemical free. Each wand is powered by 20 x UVC LED, disinfects and eliminates up to 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria. No water or chemicals needed.


STAFF CLEANING ROUNDS:  Our staff follows a strict cleaning protocol, with extra cleaning rounds between transitions and utilize UV sanitizing wands, as well as, liquid cleaning chemicals, etc.


PROFESSIONAL CLEANERS: AquaTech utilizes professional cleaning companies to clean both our facilities and pools on a regular basis. The facility is professionally cleaned and sanitized 7 nights a week.

ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT (UV) DISINFECTION SYSTEMS: The Best Known Killer of COVID-19 – we use a Quad Reactor Neptune Benson UV System which blasts our water 8-10 times a day! These best of breed UV systems utilize the power of the sun to kill 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria on contact.


WATER CHEMISTRY: We utilize Chlorine and Muriatic acid, etc. to manage our pool chemistry and meticulously monitor our pool chemistry with the support of Certified Pool Operators.


POOL FILTRATION SYSTEMS: AquaTech pools have amazing filtrations systems that are professionally maintained 3+ times per week. These systems filter out oils, chemical bi-products, skin, hair, etc. from the pool.


REVERSE OSMOSIS (RO) FILTRATION: This triple carbon filter RO system essentially turns our pool water into drinking water! Water is constantly filtering though this machine 24/7.

PRE-SCREEN FOR ILLNESS: Staff are responsible for monitoring their own health and it is protocol to refrain from coming to work if experiencing signs of illness. 


ONGOING TRAINING & AWARENESS: All staff are trained on how best to promote and uphold local health mandates.

About AquaTech


Our mission is to continually improve the customer experience through: High-touch customer service, a patented teaching methodology, state of the art pool equipment and a welcome environment.


Our vision is to consistently seek out and leverage the best of the following: Wonderful and dedicated staff members, easy processes and protocols, fair policies and modern technology. 


We value the relationships we develop with our customers and staff through:


Quality: What we do, we do well.


Passion: We inspire a life-long love of aquatics through our passion for swim. 


The Mattos Method™ is a systemized, layered learning approach that can achieve a number of swim lesson objectives; from basic water safety to sharpened competitive stroke technique. It leverages breath control, buoyancy, comfort and fun as main ingredients that are built upon. Our goal is to produce safe swimmers who learn to swim technically sound strokes and love to swim!​

Swimmers can register for lessons or recreational swim anytime at AquaTech through our ongoing, year-round registration! Sign up at a time that is right for you. We utilize a best in class, PCI compliant registration system for all customer data. Customers can create or access their own accounts and view and book our class and recreation schedule through the CUSTOMER PORTAL.

Our policies were designed to be family friendly. We offer as much flexibility at our family swim center as possible in an effort to make for a positive experience for busy families in the East Bay area. 

We take our customer service very seriously. We have both Customer Care Specialists, who work in each facility during operation hours AND Customer Account Managers who work in our Virtual Customer Care Department responding to all forms, emails, chats and calls. We highly recommend utilizing the Specialists on-site when in the facility for swimming lessons, classes and recreational swim, and utilizing our FORMS in between visits for additional assistance.

AquaTech strives to provide a safe environment for everyone.


AquaTech Staff Are:

**Background screened prior to and throughout their employment. 


**Certified in CPR/AED and Basic First Aid.


**Trained in the Mattos Method™ teaching methodology. 


**Trained in AquaTech Emergency Procedure and Protocol. 


AquaTech Maintains Safety By:

**Holding daily training meetings with staff. 


**Holding weekly management trainings.


**Staffing multiple Deck Safety Supervisors on deck during lessons. 


**Passing regular inspections with OSHA, fire department and local health departments.


**Maintaining first aid kits and emergency supplies throughout each facility.

We take pride in our swimming facilities located in the East Bay area and strive to provide a clean and sanitary environment for all. Our facilities are professionally cleaned 7 days per week with major deep cleaning and renovations taking place over holiday closures.

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