Customers enrolled in the Concord Unlimted Program, must adhere to the following guidelines:

To book unlimited additional classes:

Contact the school via phone at 866-633-4147 OR by using the Concord Unlimited Form in the Forms section of the AquaTech website.

Reserve your spot in any available “like” class for the current day or following 4 days in advance. Class space is booked on a first come, first serve basis and will be booked in the order received.

Cancelling a booked class:

All classes booked, both ongoing and unlimited, must be cancelled by 9 AM the day of the scheduled class in order to remain in the unlimited program. Contact the school via the Report An Absence Form in the Forms section of the website. With Concord Unlimited, a class that has not been cancelled and instead been no-showed to by a student, will be subject to a $10 “no-show” fee. In order for this program to work, AquaTech must know if you will not be attending a class you have previously booked.

Withdrawing from the unlimited program: 

The Withdrawal Form must be filled out in order to withdraw from the Concord Unlimited promotion. All withdrawals are due by no later than 12 PM (noon) on the final day of each month to avoid billing on the 1st of the month. The Withdrawal Form can be found in the Forms section of the website.

Holiday closures will be posted in each location, listed online on the Calendar page and sent via email and text to affected swimmers. A month with a holiday closure will not be prorated for ongoing programs. An average of 4 lessons per month is maintained throughout the year. Some months will have 3 lessons, some 4, some 5; Customers are not charged less for months of 3 lessons, or more for months of 5 lessons. If the pool should unexpectedly close for reasons related to safety, we will provide a non-expiring makeup credit for any lessons affected by the closure.

Ongoing programs can be booked up to 7 days in advance, but no further. An ongoing program requires a credit or debit card to remain on account with AquaTech. Cash or check payments can be used, however, will only hold the ongoing reservation for the specific advance payment amount made. No unpaid program spots will be held.

A payment will be necessary to reserve your spot in an ongoing program. The first month may include an Annual Enrollment Fee and lesson fees may be prorated depending upon the start date. Each additional month will be billed on the 1st of the month. Lesson prices increase on an annual basis in March.

A Withdrawal Notice is required to withdraw from a perpetual program. The Withdrawal Form must be must be completed and received by no later than 12:00 PM (noon) on the final day of the month to be removed from, or pro-rated for the following month’s tuition.

Drop-in lessons register a student for a single lesson on a specific day and time. A payment is due to reserve the lesson. Lesson prices increase on an  annual basis in March. Drop-in lessons can be booked up to 7 days in advance, but no further.

How to acquire a makeup lesson:

AquaTech must be notified of an absence by no later than 9:00 AM the day of the scheduled lesson via the Report An Absence Form.

How to schedule a makeup lesson:

Makeups lessons must be taken within 30 days after the cancelled lesson date. Contact AquaTech to confirm class availability. Makeups can be scheduled up to 7 days in advance, but no further.


Class availability varies each week. If a customer has a very restrictive schedule, AquaTech cannot guarantee makeup availability to suit a specific schedule. Please be mindful when cancelling a lesson. There are NO financial credits or reimbursements for makeup credits that have not been used within the policy timeframe.

While swimming and exercise can be a great relief for minor illnesses, AquaTech asks that all persons with the following illnesses refrain from activity until fully recovered: Diarrhea, Fever, Vomiting, Lice, Pink Eye, Contagious Rash. If there are any questionable circumstances, please contact customer service before 9:00 AM the day of the scheduled lesson to discuss if a makeup credit should be taken. When in doubt about a certain condition, canceling by 9:00 AM is a safe choice. You may easily do so through the Report An Absence Form.  
ALL children under the age of 3 years and those not 100% potty trained MUST WEAR A SWIM DIAPER. A swimsuit must be worn over the diaper. If a fecal accident occurs and your child is not wearing a swim diaper, a $100 closure fee will be assessed. Food, gum and glass should remain out of the pool area at all times. Long hair should be worn in a ponytail or swim cap and finger/toe nails should be kept short. Rinse only showers are available on the pool deck. Children are not required to shower before entering the pool. Adults (exception made for Tadpole participants) are required to rinse before entering the pool.
All AquaTech staff undergo a complete training of AquaTech’s trademarked methodology. Staff meet on a regular basis for continued education and attend “in house” training sessions during their employment with AquaTech. All AquaTech staff are CPR certified and undergo AquaTech Safety and Emergency Training.

Specific instructors may be requested, but cannot be guaranteed. Part of the AquaTech philosophy is teaching children valuable life lessons through their swim class each week. One important lesson is being able to work with new and different instructors. Change is a part of life, and although certain instructors may be favored, substitutes and instructor changes do and will occur. It is a natural, healthy part of life to be able to accept and adapt well to change.

AquaTech takes pride in our facilities and ask for your cooperation in keeping them clean, safe and family friendly.

Lesson spectators must view the lessons from our viewing area outside of the pool. Children who are observing from this area are to be supervised at all times.

A responsible person must remain on-site for each child participating in a program. Parents must be easily accessible in cases of emergency.

Family changing rooms and restrooms are provided for all AquaTech swimmers. Cubes are provided for clothes and towel storage during lessons. “Reserving” changing stalls by leaving your belongings in them is not permitted. AquaTech is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Rinse only showers are located on the pool deck. Full showers are not permitted nor is undressing or removing diapers in the pool area. Children are not required to shower before entering the pool. Adults (exception made for Tadpole participants) are required to rinse before entering the pool.

No pets are allowed in AquaTech facilities, service animals only exception.

AquaTech offers recreational swim time for families during our AquaRec and AquaBaby hours. Drop-in fees are associated with each participant.

All participants must have an updated AquaTech account and waiver signature to participate. Check-in is required prior to entering the pool.

Space is first come, first serve. If pool has reached maximum capacity for the day, swimmers may be required to wait until space opens to enter the pool.

All children who cannot independently survival swim must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Proper swim attire is required at all times including swim diapers for all non-potty trained and children under the age of 3 years.