It’s a curious thing – an indoor, warm-water swim school selling kids neoprene wetsuits… Well, there is a method behind the madness, and over time our reasons have changed. Settle in for a little bit of history, drama and reason as to why we at AquaTech Swim are HUGE Warm Belly Wetsuit fans!

Quick History: AquaTech had its’ humble beginnings in a couple rented lanes in the Mariner Square Athletic Club, located directly across the parking lot from our beautiful facility in Alameda. While nothing about the setup was ideal, including the 80 degree pool water, single shower and allotted 5 curtained changing stalls down a long cold series of hallways – We had a dream and we were going to make it work! That meant, each instructor was equipped with a 3mm neoprene wetsuit and swim cap to maintain heat during their shifts and then, we had to figure out what to do for our little swimmers, enter Warm Belly Wetsuits.

Why They Are Great: These 2mm neoprene suits insulate the core of the body, leaving arms and legs able to move without inhibition. They are easy to get on/off and have velcro straps and diaper access which means you can use them for many years as your child grows. They are durable and work to maintain heat in lots of different environments, where cold can be a deterrent for a lot of little ones. I have 3 children and these were our go-to suits for nearly every occasion where water would be involved (beach, lake, river, pool, waterparks, sprinklers, slip’n’slides, etc). We even just kept ours in the back of the car at all times, as you never know when you could use one!

More History: After 7 years of hard work and lots of lessons taught, AquaTech purchased the event center next door to Mariner Square Athletic Club and remodeled it into a more ideal space for year round youth swimming. Instructors no longer needed wetsuits, nor did our swimmers! We went from a shivering 80 degree pool, to a relaxing and inviting 90 degree pool…ahhhhh…..

Why We Still Sell Them: It’s not just for nostalgic reasons we still retail these suits, although, it is fun to remember from whence you came. But rather, they have a bigger meaning now. In our younger years, we were providing warmth and comfort out of necessity, so our swimmers could focus on the lesson, versus their shivering, freezing bodies. Today, we provide that warmth each and every experience! While we know it is unrealistic to assume that every aquatic experience they have will mirror the one at AquaTech, that does not mean, they can’t bring a little bit of AquaTech warmth wherever they go!

We sell them in both locations and in many fun colors! Honestly, you will not regret your decision to purchase one if you do. They are also make wonderful gifts. From infant to 12 years old, my kids will be rocking these suits, bringing both their skills and the genuine warmth from their AquaTech experience!