PARENT PARTICIPATION LESSON – AGES 6 MONTHS – 3 YEARS: Our Tadpole level is an interactive lesson designed for babies and toddlers to participate in the pool together with their parents and/or caregivers. The lesson includes skill building drills, songs and props that are designed to help build each child’s cognitive and physical development in the water. Lesson goals include teaching children how to achieve comfort and safety in, around and under the water. Consistent exposure to the aquatic environment builds a foundation for a safe and happy young swimmer. The student to teacher ratio of this level is 6 students to 1 instructor. 

30 min



Determining Lesson Days & Times

We highly recommend selecting a lesson time that fits best into you and your Tadpole’s schedule. Avoid scheduling a lesson when your Tadpole will be tired, hungry or when you will be rushed to get to the lesson. The surrounding time and routine around swim lessons is just as important as the lesson itself. Make sure you are both well-rested and able to take your time before and after the lesson. 

Our customers enjoy the benefits of being able to join lessons at anytime during the year and change their lessons times when they please. This makes for a very dynamic schedule with a lot of moving parts! Here are the best ways to work with our ever-changing schedule of lessons: 

  • We run lessons 7 days a week, year round. Lesson times and availability change on a daily basis, therefore, we do not post our schedule of lessons. 
  • Create an account by selecting the Customer Portal button at the top of the page. Once your account is created, our specialists can easily book you into a lesson. If you already have an account, login to ensure all family and contact details are up to date. 
  • Contact us within the week you would like to begin lessons for the most up to date lesson availability. Use the Request A Lesson Form and or give us a call (866) 633-4147 to check lesson availability. 
  • Once a lesson day and time have been selected, that lesson space will be held for your child each week unless we receive notice from you that you would like to report an absence, change lesson days/times and/or withdraw from the lesson. When a child graduates from a level, a change in lesson day/time may be required. 

IMPORTANT: Once a lesson day/time is booked, we guarantee that space for you each week, unless you notify us that you no longer want the lesson space. While we do offer makeup lessons for absences reported in advance, we do not guarantee specific days/times for makeup lesson availability. We have availability based on what other families are doing that week. If you have a very restrictive schedule, we do not recommend missing your reserved lesson day/time. If you do need to miss the lesson day/time you have reserved, you will be subject to working with the availability we have each day/week or utilizing your makeup lesson credit in a recreational program.  

Level Goals & Graduation

Our main goal for Tadpole level swimmers is FUN! We want these students to enjoy coming to their lesson each week and build a solid foundation to layer swimming skills upon. Students will learn the basics of breath control, balance and safety all while having fun with a primary caregiver. Children graduate from the Tadpole level when they become 3 years of age. Children will either move up to the Starfish Level or the Seahorse Level. If a parent would like to have their child in lessons without a caregiver in the water with them, we recommend Private Level Lessons. 

Determining If This Is The Correct Level For My Child

This level is designed for students ages 3 years and younger. Extremely nervous children ages 3 years and older are also welcome to attend this level as a great first step to acclimate to the structured lesson environment with a trusted loved one. Advanced students less than 3 years of age are welcome to join this class as instructors will tailor the material to match the advanced skills. If parent’s of advanced toddlers would like their child to participate in lessons without a parent’s involvement, they are welcome to register for a Private Lesson. Our children’s group lessons without parent involvement have an age requirement of 3 years for safety reasons. 



On-Going Lessons:1 lesson per week$105 / 4 weeks
Annual Fee:1 time per year$25 / year
Drop-In Lesson:1 single lesson$30 / lesson

For more information or to set up your Free Adult Swim Lesson or to register , please call (866) 633-4147

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