We thought it would be fun to post our Tadpole Level – A Parent’s Guide handout information. For all those thinking of joining and/or already enrolled, we hope you can find some valuable information in our 2 part post!

Congratulations! You have taken a very positive step in your child’s development both in the water and in their everyday, ever changing life! The Tadpole class at AquaTech is meant to serve as a place for children to grow, develop and progress at their own pace with their parent(s) right by their side. Our instructors have been trained to work with all ages ranging from 6 months – 3 years and all ability levels from first-timer to old-pro. The two most important pieces of advice we can give at this level are: 1) Stay Consistent – Whether it be each week in your regular class or in a makeup class, make at least one class per week and you will see results! 2) Enjoy Your Time Together – You will not get these years, months, days of shared learning back, so enjoy them while you have them. You are your child’s best teacher during this phase of their life, help them enjoy each class by making it a fun and positive experience that you share together.

Benefits of Early Swim Lessons:

In what other medium are you able to bond face to face, skin to skin and share the joy of learning together? Safety skills are a primary reason why many people initially enroll in lessons. While the acquisition of safety skills is life-enhancing, it can also be lifesaving. But, there is much more to Tadpole level swimming than merely this aspect.  The younger a child begins their swimming adventure, the sooner they will be able to build a foundation for the ability to perform age appropriate safety skills.

Researchers have documented that the stimulating effects of swim lessons have improved children’s cognitive, personal and motor development skills. Swimming has the potential to increase intelligence, concentration, alertness, and perceptual abilities. Improvement in social, emotional, and physical development has also been published.

Our Tadpole class is often a child’s first social experience out of the home that involves their peers. They learn to relate and interact with their classmates and look forward to seeing them each week. Early swim lessons set a positive foundation towards a lifetime of participation and enjoyment in a variety of water sports and aquatic venues in or on the water.

Selecting a Class Time:

Select a class time that fits best into you and your Tadpole’s schedule. Try not to schedule a class when they will be tired, hungry or when you will be rushed to get to class. The surrounding time and routine around swim class is just as important as the class itself, so make sure you are both well-rested and able to take your time before and after the lesson.

Preparing For The Lesson:

Keep a separate “swim bag” that carries all the supplies that both you and your Tadpole will need. Before leaving the house for lessons, make sure your Tadpole gets a small snack, something light and healthy. Arrive at Aquatech no later than 15 minutes before the start of class, this allows the two of you to get dressed for the pool in a relaxed fashion. Select a changing stall that has a changing table located inside the room. Do not carry valuables in your swim bag (wallet, jewelry, etc.), but rather lock them in the trunk of your car so you can easily store your swim bag in the swim school cubes. Bring 2 towels to the pool deck for both you and your Tadpole for immediate use after class.

A Typical Swim Bag Will Include:

  • Comfortable swimming attire for both Tadpole and parent (swim diaper and suit required)
    • A few swim diapers
    • 2 towels for both Tadpole and parent
    • Lotion for after lesson dry skin
    • Hair brush
    • Snacks/bottle for after class

Be sure to read part 2 for more helpful information!