swim lessons

Children's swim lessons are offered on an on-going basis, year-round, so you can join anytime! Lessons are 30 minutes in length, offered weekly, with most students opting for one lesson per week on an on-going basis.


Once the correct level, day and time has been determined and booked, children attend their scheduled lesson(s) each week while instructors teach them to achieve the 3 main goals of the level. Each time a goal is achieved, a student will receive a goal achievement ribbon. When all 3 level goals have been achieved, students will receive a level certificate and ribbon before moving up to the next level. 


Apologies, we do not offer swim lessons for adults at this time. 



*Create or update your member account in the CUSTOMER PORTAL

*Review our lesson levels and class schedule below



Roughly one week before the date you would like to begin weekly, ongoing lessons, do one of the following:


*Stop by during OPERATION HOURS to reserve a weekly lesson day/time and tour the facility

*Find an open lesson space through the CUSTOMER PORTAL online schedule and book it 

*Fill out the LESSON REQUEST FORM to receive assistance from our staff with booking a weekly day/time


$35 per student per year



$115 per student per 4-week cycle (4 lessons total) 



$150 per student per 4-week cycle (4 practices total) 


A payment is necessary to reserve a space in swim lessons. On-going programs require an updated credit or debit card to remain on account at all times. An Annual Membership Fee will be charged during an initial registration for ongoing programs and annually thereafter.


Lesson billing occurs on a 4-week billing cycle for on-going programs. Courtesy billing reminders are sent via email and text message 1 week prior to each billing date. A late or rejected payment at the time of billing will incur a $15 rejection fee.


A WITHDRAWAL FORM is required to withdraw from all on-going programs. The withdrawal form must be received by no later than 8:00 AM PST on the final day of the 4-week billing cycle to be removed from, or pro-rated for the following 4-week billing cycle.There are no reimbursements or financial credits given for programs already billed for the current 4-week billing cycle. 


2021 BILLING DATES: Jan20, Feb17, Mar17, Apr14, May12, Jun9, Jul7, Aug4, Sept1, Sept29, Oct27, Nov24, Dec 23. 



Families with 3 or more siblings registered for ongoing lessons, receive a $5 discount on each ongoing enrollment, each 4-week billing cycle. Likewise, families that have 3 or more ongoing enrollments, receive a $5 discount on each ongoing enrollment, each 4-week billing cycle. Families must share the same address of residence in order to receive this discount.




We are grateful for ALL of the heroic professions out there, including our own staff! This particular discount however is specifically for veterans, active military, fire and police families. Hero families will receive a $10 discount on each ongoing enrollment, each 4-week billing cycle. Simply present your ID at the time of registration to receive this discount. We thank you for your dedication and service!

AquaTech guarantees your regularly scheduled lesson each week. While we offer a total of 4 makeup tokens per student per year we do not guarantee specific days/times for makeup lesson availability. If you have a very restrictive schedule, we do not recommend missing your regularly scheduled weekly lesson. 


How to acquire a makeup token:

  • Use the REPORT AN ABSENCE form by no later than 8:00 AM PST the day of the scheduled lesson. The absence will be marked as excused. 


How to use a makeup token:

  • View and book your available makeup tokens up to 7 days in advance through the CUSTOMER PORTAL.
  • Use the USE A MAKEUP TOKEN form to get assistance from our staff in finding makeup lesson availability. 



*Makeups tokens expire after 1 year.

*Students can be excused, and given a makeup token, for a maximum of 4 lessons per calendar year.

*There are no financial credits, reimbursements or extensions for makeup tokens that have not been used within the policy timeframe.

*Once a makeup token has been booked, there are no cancellations or changes that can be made without forfeiting the makeup token.

*Makeup tokens can be used for AquaRec reservations. A makeup token can be used to reserve an AquaRec swim hour for 1 child and 1 adult participant.


How To Book A Makeup Token Through The Customer Portal: 

*Log into your CUSTOMER PORTAL account

*Under the MY ACCOUNT menu option, select the MAKEUPS option under a student on your account

*Under the CURENT LOCATION MAKEUP TOKENS section, click the USE MAKEUP TOKEN button

*Find a lesson that works for you and click SUBMIT REQUEST

*You will then receive an email confirmation of the token booking


IMPORTANT: If you are having trouble finding lesson availability, please fill out the USE A MAKEUP TOKEN form to receive assistance from our staff. If you would like to use a makeup token to book an AquaRec reservation, scroll down to the Recreational Swim section below for instructions. 

Lessons affected by a scheduled AquaTech holiday closure will be prorated during the 4-week billing cycle in which it occurs. Closure reminder emails and text messages are sent 1 week prior to scheduled holiday closure dates.




New Year's Day: Friday January 1, 2021

Easter: Sunday April, 4, 2021

Independence Day: Sunday July 4, 2021

Thanksgiving Day: Thursday November 25, 2021

Winter Holiday: Friday December 24, 2021 - Saturday January 1, 2022


NON-HOLIDAY CLOSURES:  If the pool should unexpectedly close for reasons related to safety, a non-expiring makeup token will be issued for any lessons / reservations affected by the closure.

All AquaTech Swim Instructors undergo a complete training of AquaTech’s trademarked teaching methodology. Staff meet on a regular basis for continued education and attend “in house” training sessions during their employment with AquaTech. All AquaTech staff are CPR certified and undergo AquaTech Safety and Emergency Training.


Specific instructors may be requested, but cannot be guaranteed. Part of the AquaTech philosophy is teaching children valuable life lessons through their swim class each week. One important lesson is being able to work with new and different instructors. Change is a part of life, and although certain instructors may be favored, substitutes and instructor changes do and will occur, sometimes without prior notice. It is a natural, healthy part of life to be able to accept and adapt well to change.

ALL children under the age of 3 years and those not 100% potty trained MUST WEAR A SWIM DIAPER. A swimsuit must be worn over the swim diaper. If a fecal accident occurs and your child is not wearing a swim diaper, a $200 closure fee will be assessed.

SWIM Lesson leVeLS



Children’s  beginner swim lesson levels at AquaTech Swim start at 6 months of age in our parent-child participation Tadpole Level. At the age of 3 years, children can move into a child-only participation level. Nervous beginners start in our Starfish Level, while comfortable beginners start in our Seahorse Level. Our most advanced beginner level is the Silverfish/Goldfish Level, which is the final level of learning before moving into our Intermediate Levels. 



recreational swim

Recreational family swim at AquaTech is called AquaRec. AquaRec allows our member families to reserve hour-long blocks of time to swim together recreationally.


Children who cannot independently survival swim must be accompanied by an adult in the water. Additionally, adults must be accompanied by children in the water.


We do not allow adult only fitness or lap swim during this time. 




*View our AQUAREC reservation availability through the CUSTOMER PORTAL (If you do not have an AquaTech Customer Portal account, you will be prompted to create one prior to being allowed to view the AquaRec schedule).


*Find availability and reserve spaces for all of your participants (if adults are not listed as students on the account, but will be joining the swim, be sure to select the ADD STUDENT option in your account profile to reserve spaces for the adults as well!) 

*Reservations can be made 7 days in advance but no further. 


*There are no makeups, refunds or credits for missed reservations. Once booked, reservations cannot be changed. 


*Swimmers must come dressed and ready to swim, changing rooms are available for after swim use only. Swim diapers are required for all swimmers under the age of 3 or not yet potty trained. 


*Children who cannot  independently survival swim must be accompanied by a supervising adult in the pool.


*Showers are for rinse purposes only, no soap or shampoo allowed. 


*AquaRec reservations must be made in advance. There are no walk-ins allowed. Be sure to reserve a space for all of your party online, prior to the day/time of your reservation.


*1 spectator is allowed to remain in the facility only. Spectators must remain in the viewing area and are not allowed to spectate on the pool deck. 


*Families are allowed to bring reasonably sized toys, floats, etc. AquaTech management has the right to refuse an outside toy/float if it is deemed a safety hazard to other swimmers. 


*Masks are required at all times while in the facility except while swimming in the pool. 

$10 per swimmer per hour reservation


*There are no makeups, refunds or credits for missed reservations. Once booked, reservations cannot be changed. 

While absences can be excused for swim lessons, earning the swimmer a makeup token, there are no excused absences for the AquaRec program. 


Families with swim lesson tokens can use their tokens to schedule a makeup swim lesson OR can use the token for a reservation of 1 adult and 1 child in AquaRec. 





*Under the MY ACCOUNT menu option, select the MAKEUPS option under a student

*Under the CURRENT LOCATION MAKEUP TOKENS section, click the USE MAKEUP TOKEN button

*Find the reservation time that works for you and click SUBMIT REQUEST

*You will receive 2 email confirmations: 1) Auto confirmation of the booked token 2) An email from our staff confirming the additional swimmer was booked to accompany your token swimmer


IMPORTANT: While 2 swimmer participants per token will be booked, if you would like to add additional swimmers at cost, please do so! Reservations must be made in advance as space fills up!