It still hard to believe we wrapped up our Q1 staff training for 2019 on January 31st. It feels like just yesterday we had our 2018 Q1 training day…where does the time go?! I’ll leave you with that question to ponder, and fill you in on what our staff was up to this past training!

This quarter we covered all things related to policy, procedure and process at AquaTech Swim. Some of you might be thinking, “YAWN” and we did too when the topic was chosen, however, we made sure it was anything but a snooze fest! Our staff caught up on the 3 p’s of internal and external operations in fashions such as; game show themes, multiple choice, group discussions and material reviews. We rounded the afternoon off with some competition winners and prizes and enjoyed dinner together before ending the night. It was a great way to get everyone on the same page going into 2019!

We feel fortunate at AquaTech to have such a wonderful team of people, working together to ensure you and your family have the very best learn-to-swim experience. Our senior management team did an amazing job of making our policies, procedures and processes come to life, setting up/breaking down and organizing food for the team to create an open forum of learning for all who could attend. While not all staff could make it, due to conflicting schedules, a majority of our team did!

Do you recognize your favorite staff members in the picture above?