COMFORTABLE BEGINNERS: The Seahorse level swim lessons are designed for the beginner student who is comfortable in the water and will submerge their head underwater willingly and happily. Students will learn the basics of breath control, body posture, kicking, floating and a variety of safety skills. Lessons have a 4 student to 1 teacher ratio.

30 min



Determining Lesson Days & Times

Our customers enjoy the benefits of being able to join lessons at anytime during the year and change their lessons times when they please. This makes for a very dynamic schedule with a lot of moving parts! Here are the best ways to work with our ever-changing schedule of lessons: 

  • We run lessons 7 days a week, year round. Lesson times and availability change on a daily basis, therefore, we do not post our schedule of lessons. 
  • Create an account by selecting the Customer Portal button at the top of the page. Once your account is created, our specialists can easily book you into a lesson. If you already have an account, login to ensure all family and contact details are up to date. 
  • Contact us within the week you would like to begin lessons for the most up to date lesson availability. Use the Request A Lesson Form and or give us a call (866) 633-4147 to check lesson availability. 
  • Once a lesson day and time have been selected, that lesson space will be held for your child each week unless we receive notice from you that you would like to report an absence, change lesson days/times and/or withdraw from the lesson. When a child graduates from a level, a change in lesson day/time may be required. 

IMPORTANT: Once a lesson day/time is booked, we guarantee that space for you each week, unless you notify us that you no longer want the lesson space. While we do offer makeup lessons for absences reported in advance, we do not guarantee specific days/times for makeup lesson availability. We have availability based on what other families are doing that week. If you have a very restrictive schedule, we do not recommend missing your reserved lesson day/time. If you do need to miss the lesson day/time you have reserved, you will be subject to working with the availability we have each day/week or utilizing your makeup lesson credit in a recreational program. 

Level Goals & Graduation

There are 3 main goals focused on in seahorse level swim lessons. When a goal is achieved, the student will receive a goal accomplishment ribbon. When all 3 goals are achieved, the student will graduate to the SILVERFISH LEVEL and they will receive their Seahorse Level graduation ribbon and certificate. The main goals of the Seahorse Level are: 

  • Correct streamline form used while kicking. 
  • Independent back float. 
  • Independent safety jumps and cycles. 

Determining If This Is The Correct Level For My Child

This is the correct choice for your child if:

  • If they can and will happily submerge their head for 3-5 seconds
  • If they need to learn how to float on their stomach independently
  • If they need to learn how to float on their back independently
  • If they need to learn proper, straight-leg kick propulsion
  • If they need to learn how to swim short distances with their face submerged, holding their breath
  • If they need to learn proper pool entry and safety while in the pool



On-Going Lessons:1 lesson per week$105 / 4 weeks
Annual Fee:1 time per year$25 / year
Drop-In Lesson:1 single lesson$30 / lesson

For more information or to set up your Free Adult Swim Lesson or to register , please call (866) 633-4147

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