Report A Future Absence

Fill out this form by no later than 8:00 AM PST the day of your scheduled lesson. If an absence is reported by this time and a swimmer has not already reached their 4 makeup token annual limit, a new makeup token will be issued to your account.


IMPORTANT: Scheduled makeup lessons and AquaRec reservations do not qualify for makeup tokens. If one of these bookings is missed, the lesson or reservation will be forfeited. 

IMPORTANT: Makeup Lessons and AquaRec Reservations cannot be cancelled or changed for any reason. These booking types will be forfeited if they are not attended.
IMPORTANT: Customers are allowed 4 excused absences per calendar year, in which, 4 makeup tokens are received. Booking makeup tokens is a process that requires you to work with whatever availability we have each week. We highly recommend attending the lesson we have reserved for you, as it is the only class space we can guarantee for you.