#1 Best Swim Lessons For Infants

Report A Future Absence

Bummer, you will be missed! We appreciate the notice you provided us, which allows our whole system of booking lessons to work well! 

By filling out this form, you are letting our customer specialist team know that you will be absent from an upcoming lesson(s). AquaTech offers a makeup lesson for lessons cancelled by no later than 9:00 AM PST the day of the scheduled lesson. If an absence is reported by this time, a makeup lesson credit will be issued to your account.

IMPORTANT: Booking makeup lessons is a process and one that requires you to work with whatever availability we have each week. We highly recommend attending the lesson we have reserved for you, as it is the only class space we can guarentee for you.

As you know, Aquatech Swim School not only focusses on providing the best swim lessons in the Bay area, but also providing a safe, fun learning environment families, children and adults.

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