AquaBaby Swim is a reserved pool time for babies and toddlers ages 8 weeks – 2 years to swim recreationally with parents or caregivers. AquaBaby allows families with small children to experience the AquaTech  environment on their own timeline and in their own way. It is a great way to get little ones ready for more formal instruction or practice what they have been learning in their Tadpole level lesson!


$8 per swimmer**

**Updates to $10 per swimmer on March 1, 2020

Alameda Hours

Monday & Friday
10:00 AM – 2:00PM

Saturday & Sunday
8:30 AM – 9:20 AM

Concord Hours

Mondays & Fridays
12:30 PM – 2:00PM


How It Works

Setup your account before you go! All participants must have an updated account in our customer portal before being allowed to enter the pool. Once your account is created and you arrive on-site to swim, all you have to do is check-in at the front desk when you arrive! 

Space is limited and given on a first come, first serve basis. If the pool is at capacity, swimmers will be added to a waitlist and called when a space opens up! 

All participants are required to wear the provided ID bracelet given at the time of check-in. 

AquaRec Swim

In addition to AquaBaby, we also offer AquaRec. While AquaBaby is limited to the 8 week – 2 year age group, AquaRec is open to all ages of swimmer. A great option to bring the whole family to enjoy the water, burn some energy and have a ton of fun! 

Please see our AquaRec page for details. 

Frequently Asked Questions

SWIM DIAPER & SUIT: AquaTech has a mandatory diaper policy for all children 3 years of age and under, or who are not fully potty-trained. Please use a swim diaper and swimsuit to wear over the diaper for secured protection against accidents. Diapers are also sold in our retail section.

TOWEL & DRY CLOTHES: Bring a towel and dry clothes to dress in after a swim. We sell towels in our retail section. 

DIAPERS & WIPES: Bring regular diapers and wipes for before and after the swim.

SNACKS & FLUIDS: We sell snacks and drinks in our retail area, however, if you want to bring snacks and drinks for after a swim, feel free! 

There is no limit to the amount of adults who want to enjoy a swim with the child. Mom, dad, aunts, uncles, grandparents are all welcome to enjoy the water together. There is a fee per swimmer entering the pool. 

Yes! It is required that you setup an account in our customer portal prior to entering the pool. Our waiver, company policies and many other important pre-swim items are imperative to have before entry. You are not obligated to store a credit card on file in your account. We do not have paper registration options for this program. If you cannot setup an account before coming to our facility, we do offer customer computers where you will be able to setup your account on site. Good news is, once you have an account, you can drop in any time, to any AquaTech facility and you will be recognized! 

AquaBaby and AquaRec are a first come, first serve program and cannot be reserved in advance. 

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