We want your experience to be

  • Indoor, large viewing areas with multiple seating options
  • Retail and food services
  • Children’s play zones with toys and movies
  • Private changing stalls
  • Access to live customer care specialists on-site
  • Clean and minimally chlorinated water
  • Warm water between 88-91 degrees (depending on season)

Filtration Systems – AquaTech pools have amazing filtrations systems that are professionally maintained 3+ times per week. These systems filter out oils, chemical bi-products, skin, hair, etc. from the pool.

Ultra-Violet Light (UV) Systems – Our UV system sanitizes the entire pool on a three hour turnover cycle. That means the the water passes through a Quad Reactor Neptune Benson UV system 8 times every day! These best of breed UV systems utilize the power of sun to kill any/all bacteria in the water. AquaTech purchased these systems at great cost to lower the chlorine levels in the pool and chloramine levels to almost zero.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration – This triple carbon filter RO system essentially turns our pool water into drinking water! Water is constantly filtering though this machine 24/7.

AquaTech strives to provide a wonderful experience for the entire family.

Alameda Campus

Concord Campus

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