If you are reading this, the first thing we want to do is say GREAT JOB for taking the first step. Whether you’re a novice who has never learned to swim and is ready to take that first step,or perhaps an advanced swimmer who wants to learn more. Maybe you are someone who just wants to overcome their fear of the deep water. Perhaps you are someone who just wants to get some great exercise in with great company. Whatever the case may be, you are not alone and, we have a class to suit your needs.

At Aquatech Swim, we’ve been doing this since 2006, so we get it. Am I too old, (no). I’m too out of shape, (nope). I look terrible in a swim suit, (that’s what everyone says). We get it However, we can assure you from personal experience, there’s nothing quite like splashing around in the water to help answer all your questions.

We truly believe that there are a tremendous amount of health and social benefits from swimming even as adults.

Aquatech Free adult swim lessons

The Amazing Impact Of Adult Swimming

Staying active is essential for adults. However, as we get older health conditions such as circulatory problems, joint disease, and arthritis, often make exercise difficult. Regular exercise in adults is associated with improved overall well-being, reduced injuries, more energy and better social lives. Adult swimming lessons may involve doing water aerobics, strength training, yoga, water jogging, or just swimming. According to the CDC, water-based exercise can decrease disability and improve quality of life in adults. The following are other important benefits Swimming (aquatic therapy) offers adults.

1. Hydrostatic Pressure

Hydrostatic pressure is the force fluid molecules exert on the body when immersed in water. So it offers many benefits to adults and seniors involved in aquatic therapy. This pressure, which doesn’t even require movement, helps to decrease swelling in pain, increasing range of motion in adults, especially older adults. It also has the ability to decrease blood pooling in patients’ extremities, which increases circulation and venous return.

2. Natural Resistance

Water provides natural resistance, and that natural resistance helps to make muscles work even harder than they would if the exercises were performed on land. More muscles fibers are used for every movement in water, which offers muscle-toning benefits. The resistance encountered in aquatic therapy also helps create muscle balance. Issues with back pain and orthopedic issues can often be addressed effectively by developing both sides of muscles. Resistance also can be used to offer helpful progressions for seniors at varying levels of fitness. Reducing the speed of a movement lowers the resistance, while increasing the speed of a movement will make exercises harder.

3. Helps Build Strength and Balance

Regular water workouts also help to build strength and balance in adults, especially aging adults. Worsening vision and aging limbs often cause seniors to lose coordination, which increases the risk of falling. Engaging in aquatic therapy helps combat the loss of balance that occurs, and working out in water that is waist deep or higher helps aging individuals build strength by fighting currents and waves in the water. Making quick leg and arm movements in the water provides a resistance that helps seniors build muscle endurance and strength as well.

4.  May Improve Cardiovascular Health

Whether you are doing water jogging, swimming, or doing aquatic aerobics, working out in the water helps to get your heart rate up. This helps to increase aerobic fitness and capacity, burning fat and improving overall cardiovascular health. Aquatic aerobic exercise specifically helps to train the lungs and heart to use and delivery oxygen more effectively and efficiently, and regularly engaging in this type of exercise helps to improve heart health, reducing the risk of heart attack and other related health issues.

5. Reduced Impact on Joints

Adult swim lessons (aquatic therapy) reduces the impact on joints while still allowing seniors to be active. The natural buoyancy of the water helps to reduce the pressure and stress from joints, offering a gentle way to exercise the joints. Many aging adults deal with arthritis and other conditions that affect the joints. Exercises that may stress joints too much on land can be performed in the water, and reducing the impact and stress on joints can help to reduce pain levels as well. Since aquatic therapy helps to release endorphins, the release of this natural pain killer may also help to reduce joint pain as well.

6. Improves Mood and Reduces Anxiety

Engaging in aquatic therapy also helps to improve mood and reduce anxiety in older adults. The ability to move freely within the water often elevates the mood of seniors, and the relaxing effects of the water helps to reduce anxiety as well. Since water activities often involve working with others, water therapy may also have social benefits, increasing feelings of confidence and well-being. Socialization is a key motivator that compels aging adults to start and maintain a good exercise program, which is why aquatic therapy may be a type of therapy that seniors are more likely to stick with, increasing the health benefits.

Get Your Feet Wet, On Us.

Of course, while Adult Swim Lessons offers many benefits to adults, it may not be for everyone. Believe us when we say we understand the importance of feeling comfortable. That’s how we want you to feel, comfortable. So we decided to offer a no strings attached Adult Swim Lesson. That way you can get all your questions answered about adult Swim Lessons answered first hand while getting your feet wet. Of course with the safety and security of our incredible swim instructors at your side.

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