We take our jobs very seriously at AquaTech Swim. On the backend, we have processes, systems, methods and structure that form the foundation for all staff to stand on, educate from and utilize. On the front end, we put it all into action, with a smile, laughter and positivity that makes it all look easy. We work diligently to sort through and hire the best swim instructors and staff for our environment. We look for Heros. What does that mean at AquaTech? That means a passion to make a positive difference in the world. That means a light you can see in one’s eyes when they speak about working with children. That means a deep appreciation and respect for the power of water. That means a true mixologist who knows the delicate balance of mixing learning with fun. That means compassion, empathy, responsibility, dedication. At AquaTech, we can train all of the processes, systems, methods, structures – but we cannot train someone to care, to love and to exude that in a way that positively impacts all they work with each day. Only a true Hero brings that to the table. We want Heros.

Our goal at AquaTech is to always choose the right people for our customers. We want our customers to feel comfortable, confident and secure in their experience with us because we know the experience is not just with the swimmer going into the water each week. The whole family is part of the experience of learning, accomplishing and confidence building. Each person plays their part and each person has their fears/needs/goals that we want to be there for, making each person safe/fulfilled/accomplished.

A natural part of our Hero environment is change, which is a double-edged sword. Sometimes we don’t get to hold onto our Heros as they are called to other Hero pursuits. We have many staff studying to become pediatricians, teachers, EMTs, nurses, day care owners, child activists, etc. Or they become a different type of Hero we know well, a parent! In these times while we feel the sadness of loss, we have to remember how lucky we were to have worked with such a Hero and rest assured that AquaTech is working to find the next one out there! We are so fortunate as a company to have so many Heros love their jobs so much, that they have been employed for upwards of 10 years, working with thousands of children! We also have started seeing some of our own student swimmers, taught and inspired by our Heros, return seeking employment to become one themselves!

So today, we thank our current Heros, working hard to save the lives of so many children learning to swim at AquaTech. Just look at that picture above, what an amazing bond between teacher and student, one that neither will forget. If you have been looking for that type of meaning in your work – apply with us today! aquatechswimjobs.com