We are grateful for ALL the hero professions out there, including our own staff! This particular discount however is specifically for military, fire and police families. These families will receive a $5 discount on ongoing lessons each month and a waiver of the Annual Enrollment Fee. Simply present your ID at the time of registration to receive this discount. We thank you for your dedication and service!

Additionally, families with 3 or more siblings registered for ongoing lessons OR families that have 3 or more ongoing enrollments receive a $5 discount on each ongoing enrollment each month and a waiver of the Annual Enrollment Fee. Thank you for choosing AquaTech Swim!


AquaTech rewards customers who refer their friends to swim with us! Refer a friend to take a Trial or Drop-In Lesson and receive an AquaBaby or AquaRec pass for your entire immediate family for 1 day. Refer a friend to sign up for an ongoing lesson and receive a financial credit worth 1 group lesson applied to your account.

Unlimited referrals per family – refer away! The referred family must mention who referred them at the time of registration in order to receive our promotional gifts. Unfortunately, there are no retroactive referrals.



Each day, we receive so much wonderful feedback from our customers, it warms our hearts! In an effort to show our appreciation for time taken to share their “glowing” review of AquaTech on social media, we developed the Glow Promotion. Customers can earn a $10 glow credit for sharing a “glowing” review on their favorite social media site. A “glowing” review means a positive star rating and honest positive feedback.

Simply present your “glowing” online review to our staff to receive a glow credit on your account. Limit of 1 review per social media site.

Alternatively, we are human, and know that we cannot please everyone all the time! If your experience has been less than excellent, please allow us the opportunity to assist! Please fill out our Feedback Form and a senior manager will be in touch to assist you!


Sign up for morning lessons or take a makeup lesson during our weekday morning lesson hours at the Alameda Campus and receive FREE access to AquaRec swim before and/or after your child’s lesson. A wonderful way to practice the skills learned during lessons and enjoy more water time.

Current weekday morning lesson hours and AquaRec hours  in Alameda are:

Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM.


The Unlimited Swim Promotion is available at our Concord Campus. It is a fantastic choice for those with time and a desire to accelerate the learning process. For a slightly increased fee per month, you will be able to add an unlimited amount of additional lessons per day / week / month (as you desire and as we have available) to your existing “home base” lesson. Apply the unlimited option to Group Lessons and Pre-Competitive Team at our Concord Campus. More water time means faster progress, more physical activity and better fitness throughout the year. This is a deal you don’t want to miss! Ask about it at our Concord Campus!

1 Home Base Lesson + Unlimited Lessons: $160 /month
2 Home Base Lessons + Unlimited Lessons: $210 / month
Unlimited Pre-Competitive Practices (4 per week): $185 / month

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Aquatech Swim School


We’ve got Spring Fever at our Concord Campus!

AquaBaby & AquaRec Fever: Any swimmer registered for a perpetual program, at either campus, will receive FREE access to AquaBaby & AquaRec hours at our Concord Campus when they present a same-day check-in on a popular social media site. Present the check-in upon arrival for access!

Referral Fever: Refer a friend to sign up for perpetual lessons at our Concord Campus and receive a financial credit on your account worth 2 group lessons. That’s a savings of 50% on a month of group lessons! Be sure your referred friend mentions you at the time of sign up to receive the credit!