Swim Lessons For Children

Welcome to AquaTech Swim! We specialize in small group swim lessons for children on a drop-in or ongoing basis. Registration is available year-round, join anytime! Lesson bookings can be made up to 7 days in advance of the date you would like to begin.

New to AquaTech: Review the levels below to find the best fit for your child. Then, create your account in the Customers section. Once your account has been created, contact the school via the parent portal, email or phone to register for your free trial lesson.

Returning to AquaTech: You already have an established account and can re-register easily! Log-in to your account through the Customers section and ensure your account information is up to date. Then, contact the school via the parent portal, email or phone to re-register.

Customer Care Hours: Our virtual customer care specialists (phone/email/chat) are available Monday – Friday from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM and Saturday – Sunday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Our live customer care specialists (on-site) are available in each location during operation hours, please see these hours listed under each location below.

CONCORD CAMPUS OFFERING: Take advantage of unlimited swimming and request the “Unlimited” option when registering for group lessons in our Concord location. Depending upon which option you choose, you will be assigned 1 or 2 ongoing “home base” class(es) each week. The “home base” class(es) are your guaranteed class spot(s) each week and also where an instructor will be evaluating progress and graduation readiness of unlimited students. In addition to the “home base” class, you will have access to an unlimited number of “like” classes each month. Simply contact the school via phone, email or the Unlimited Form in the Customers section of the website to book additional classes as available.

 Unlimited Swim is a fantastic choice for those with time and a desire to accelerate the learning process. For a slightly increased fee per month, you will be able to add an unlimited amount of additional classes per day / week / month (as you desire and as we have available). Keeping an ongoing “home base” class(es) guarantees the consistency of one same class each week with an instructor who knows your child and will monitor their progress towards graduation. If one week, you are unable to take more classes due to your hectic schedule, you can rest assured that you always have your “home base” class space held for you each week. More water time means faster progress, more physical activity and better fitness throughout the year. This is a deal you don’t want to miss!


  1. Once registered as an unlimited student, contact the school via phone at 866-633-4147 OR by using the Concord Unlimited Form in the Customers section of the website to reserve your spot in any available “like” class for the current day or following 4 days in advance. Class space is booked on a first come, first serve basis and will be booked in the order received.

  1. All classes booked, both ongoing and unlimited, must be cancelled by 9 AM the day of the scheduled class in order to remain in the Unlimited program. Contact the school via the Report An Absence Form in the Customers section. With Concord Unlimited, a class that has not been cancelled will be subject to a $10 “no-show” fee. In order for this program to work, AquaTech must know if you will not be attending a class you have previously booked.

  1. The Withdrawal Form must be completed in order to withdraw from the Concord Unlimited program. All withdrawals are due by no later than 12 PM (noon) on the final day of each month to avoid billing on the 1st of the month. This form can be found in the Customers section of the website.

  1. There are no credits or financial refunds.

  1. Unlimited classes are non-transferable to any other student besides the registered unlimited student.


$150/month = 1 ongoing “home base” lesson per week + unlimited option

$200/month = 2 ongoing “home base” lessons per week + unlimited option

Ask for the “Unlimited” option at the time of registration. Try it for 1 month, on an ongoing basis, or seasonally when you have time – what ever works best for you!

PARENT PARTICIPATION – AGES 6 MONTHS – 3 YEARS: The Tadpole level is an interactive lesson designed for babies and toddlers to participate in the pool together with their parents and/or caregivers. The lesson includes skill building drills, songs and props that are designed to help build each child’s cognitive and physical development in the water. Class goals include teaching parents how to help their children achieve comfort in, around and under the water. Consistent exposure to the aquatic environment builds a foundation for a safe and happy young swimmer. Lessons are 30 minutes in length and have a student to teacher ratio of 6:1.


NERVOUS BEGINNERS: The Starfish level is designed for the nervous or fearful student who is not comfortable independently submerging their head under the water. Instructors gently work with these swimmers to instill comfort and confidence in the water. While coaxing students towards full submersions; back floats, independent kicking and breath control will be taught. Classes are 30 minutes in length and have a student to teacher ratio of 3:1.


COMFORTABLE BEGINNERS: The Seahorse level is designed for the beginner student who is comfortable in the water and will submerge their head underwater willingly and happily. Students will learn the basics of breath control, body posture, kicking, floating and a variety of safety skills. Lessons are 30 minutes in length and the student to teacher ratio of the class is 4:1.


BREATHING FOR SURVIVAL & STROKES: The Silverfish/Goldfish level is one level with 2 progressive stages, Silverfish to Goldfish. The level is designed for children who have a solid comfort level in the water, can kick properly and float independently. The focus of the level is breathing technique development. The techniques learned will be used for both survival and recreational swimming. These breathing techniques will later translate into the proper breathing structure for swimming formal strokes. Water safety and survival techniques are emphasized through a variety of drills. Classes are 30 minutes in length and the student to teacher ratio of the class is 4:1.


BEGINNER FREESTYLE & BACKSTROKE: The Puffer level introduces the fundamentals of Freestyle and Backstroke to the swimmer who has developed a comfortable breathing pattern in the water. The key focus of the class is to combine the breathing techniques from the Silverfish/Goldfish level with a technically sound freestyle stroke. Proper posture and body rotation are emphasized on both the stomach and the back. Safety skills are continued through a variety of drills. The lesson is 30 minutes in length and the student to teacher ratio is 4:1.


COMPETITIVE FREESTYLE & BACKSTROKE: The Eel level builds upon the skills learned in the Puffer level by introducing more advanced forms of technique and faster, more efficient breathing techniques for Freestyle and Backstroke. While the foundation of the Freestyle and Backstroke is constructed in the Puffer level, the Eel level instructs the swimmer on more advanced technique and turns that will be used in competitive swimming. Efficient and rhythmic strokes are perfected. Lessons are 30 minutes in length and the student to teacher ratio is 4:1.


COMPETITIVE BREASTROKE: The Tigershark level continues to review the advanced Freestyle and Backstroke technique learned in the previous Eel level, while introducing the Breaststroke to swimmers. Combining the breastroke kick and pull together to create a rhythmic stroke is a goal of the level. Lessons are 30 minutes in length and the student teacher to ratio is 4:1.


COMPETITIVE BUTTERFLY & TEAM PREPARATORY: The Orca level works to maintain the Freestyle, Backstroke and Breastroke from the previous Tigershark level while introducing swimmers to the Butterfly stroke. A comfortable and rhythmic stroke will be mastered and perfected for all 4 of the competitive strokes while team preparatory drills and skills will be taught. Lessons are 30 minutes in length and the student to teacher ratio is 5:1.


The Pre-Competitive Practice Group is a great way for children to learn the basics of swim training with a group of peers. It is a year-round, perpetual group workout focused on enhancing technique, building endurance and maintaining a healthy exercise routine in a supportive atmosphere. In this fun, low-pressure environment your child and their peers will enjoy working with an AquaTech swim coach toward common goals. Workouts are 60 minutes in length.

The Pre-Competitive Practice Group requires that a swimmer has graduated through the AquaTech levels and/or have learned all 4 competitive strokes. Swimmers interested in joining the group will be allowed a 30 minute free trial practice to ensure it is a good fit to continue.

AquaTech Concord location offers an Unlimited Pre-Competitive option for swimmers. This means, for a slightly increased fee per month, swimmers can attend all pre-competitive practices offered in the Concord location. Ask about this option while registering for practices.


TECHNIQUE MAINTENANCE: The Tech Level is the best option for swimmers who have graduated through the level system and want to maintain their stroke technique in the small group setting. Form, fitness and fun will be focused on during this weekly lesson. Focuses will vary per the classes needs each week. The class is 30 minutes in length and has a student to teacher ratio of 5:1.


AquaTech specializes in small group lessons, however, we do offer a small amount of private lessons. Private lesson availability is not viewable in the parent portal. The best way to inquire about booking a private lesson is by contacting the location directly. Lessons are 30 minutes in length and have a student teacher ratio of 1:1. Children ages 13+ are eligible to partake in our Adult lesson offerings. Details are available in the Adult section of the website. 

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